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She travels a lot, often for extended periods in remote places, so she might not get back to you immediately. But she will. She likes to hear from people all over the world.

If you need to hear from her immediately please contact her publicist:  

Dede Cummings at


Speaking Events & Presentations

You can now book M Jackson for speaking events directly. She is an excellent public speaker, and it is by far her favorite thing to do—she thoroughly enjoys connecting with audiences worldwide. Her talks are typically science-telling, fun, and accompanied with visual imagery from work worldwide. She typically gives presentations related to her current research, her books, climate change, glaciers, the Arctic, women in science, and her life and work as a National Geographic Society Explorer.

Interview Requests / Press Packets

Contact her via email or through her publicist: Dede Cummings at

Permissions / Reprinting

For permission requests to reprint portions of books, please contact publisher:

Green Writers Press  |  139 Main Street, Suite 501, Brattleboro, Vermont 05301

802-380-1121  |

In-person or Virtual Education / Classroom Visits

M Jackson has taught summer field courses in the Arctic and sub-Arctic  to teenagers and adults from across the globe for the National Geographic Society and other organizations. She has Skyped into over 90 K-12 classrooms from the field, visited in-person over 100 schools and classrooms, and engaged in a wide range of science outreach campaigns to encourage, support, bridge, and mentor the next generation of female and racial and ethnic minority scientists, writers, and world changers. She will work hard to accommodate your school/class.

Writing Workshops

M Jackson teaches writing courses for graduate and undergraduate students at a variety of universities and colleges, and has participated in a variety of writing workshops. Contact her about teaching/mentoring/leading writing workshops worldwide in a variety of genres.

Writing Requests

M Jackson writes in a variety of capacities for a variety of fees. Non-fiction, fiction, feature journalism, forewords, reviews, opinion, etc.

Expeditions, Adventures, & Explorations

As part of her work as an Expert for the National Geographic Society, M Jackson has led expeditions in many worldwide locations, and spent a great deal of her time in the field. If you want to build an expedition, have an adventure, or pitch an exploration idea,  contact her